DandAlliance Seeds of Hope: Thursday, 1/22

I once heard an impactful story of a young woman who was learning to make meatloaf from her mother. When the meatloaf was completely cooked, the mother told the young woman to cut the end off before putting it on the serving platter. When the daughter asked “Why?”, the mother replied with “That’s how I was taught.” The daughter approached the grandma and asked “Why?” and received the same response. Gratefully the great grandma was still alive. The daughter asked “Why do I need to cut the end off of the meatloaf before I serve it?” The great grandma replied “You don’t. I had to because it didn’t fit on my serving plate.” The lesson? Be confident challenging long held beliefs and traditions that don’t make sense to you. Honor who you are and change the world!

#bethechange © 2015 DandAlliance

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