The Dandelion’s Gift

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in life is to listen to my inner wisdom and remember who I truly am.  The Dandelion’s Gift was captured in a moment of remembering. In one “divine download” the words flowed from my fingers to the keys on my keyboard and I knew that its message needed to be shared with others.


In this story, a wispy dandelion seed dreams of the day that he will blossom and be picked by a child to be given as a gift of pure unconditional love. But as it is with life, sometimes our dreams get sidetracked. Sometimes people see us differently than we see ourselves and we may begin to doubt who we truly are. 

This book is intended for children of all ages … from 0-100 years old. It is a beautiful reminder that our beauty, our value, our gifts cannot be changed by outside influences. It is what we believe on the inside that counts.

The Dandelion’s Gift

Purchase a copy for everyone (children and children at heart) who don’t know what a gift they are! Price is $12.95 plus $2.80 for shipping.


Lynn McLaughlin’s life beautifully parallels the story of “The Dandelion’s Gift.” Her childhood and a portion of her adult life, she felt like a burden and a weed. Through healing her trauma from childhood abuse, Lynn began to recognize the incredible value that she brought to the world, and it ignited a deep desire to help others recognize their value in the world.

Today, Lynn is a writer and communications professional who provides consulting and training in emotional healing and peer support. Lynn lives in Neenah, Wisconsin with her two dogs Bogey and Lennon; her daughter Emma is a young adult who is pursuing her dreams in marketing.