Emotional CPR

What is Emotional CPR?

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is a community education program that teaches people how to support another person experiencing emotional crisis.  It is a hope-based public health approach to build strong, resilient, cooperative communities.

It’s important to recognize that all people experience emotional crisis during their lifetime. It is a universal human experience. The reality is that everyone experienced emotional crisis in 2020 … how could we not? Our life as we knew it came to an abrupt stop and we were left treading water … wondering, moment by moment, what we should do next.  Much of our time was spent surviving, rather than processing the emotional pieces of what was happening around us.

Whether we were individually or collectively impacted by COVID precautions, unemployment, financial instability, schooling children from home, social isolation or the collective trauma of living in a world that is no longer predictable, increasing the capacity of emotional supports to meet this need is urgent.

How does Emotional CPR work?

Emotional CPR consists of three phases of support:
* Connecting
* emPowering
* Revitalizing

Who is Emotional CPR training for?

Everyone! Much like CPR, it can be taught and utilized through organizations, with individuals, and integrated into communities. Emotional CPR was created utilizing the foundations of trauma-informed approaches, suicide prevention, cultural empathy and intersectionality, components of recovery, and utilizes the lived experience of people who have navigated crisis and identified what is helpful and what is not.

How do I learn more?

Attend a FREE 2-Hour Introductory Workshop by registering through the following link: https://dandalliance.wildapricot.org/Events

Contact us for more information about building emotional supports within your organization or bringing emotional support to your employees through Ebb & Flow Connections Cooperative: dandalliance@gmail.com or ebbflowconnections@gmail.com

“This is a life skill, there is no area of my life which will not be impacted by Emotional CPR. Very useful!”