Take a moment to practice non-judgment

Want a peaceful life?  Make a commitment to take time throughout your day to become aware of your judgments. I remember attending a woman’s conference many years ago. A group of women decided to take time out and have dinner together away from the restaurant. We were on a schedule and wanted to get back to the hotel in time to take part in the evening activities. Much to our dismay, the restaurant service was slow and the waitress not very pleasant. I remember interrupting a couple of the women that were bad-mouthing the waitress. “Before you judge, ask yourself … What if the waitress just found out her father had a heart attack? Or her child and her had a fight on a phone call? Or what if she is wondering what she is going to do to pay the rent because her full-time job just laid her off?”  I then requested that maybe we could shower her with love … if any were unable to take that big of a step, just smile at her sincerely. It was amazing the transformation that took place when we extended love rather than mirroring what we were receiving. The remainder of our meal was pleasant and we made it back to the hotel with a minute or two to spare. I do my best to remember this wisdom when I am feeling challenged with judgment. It takes a load off of me and it just might make someone else’s day a little bit better.

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