Now that’s sexy!

To me there is nothing sexier than a man who is a conscious parent. A nurturing caring strong respectful man. A man who understands that boys need the freedom to express their emotions and girls need the freedom to express who they are without judgment. A man that is tender and wise and understands the importance of treating all living beings and creatures with love and kindness and respect. It is part of his being and he models it for his children. A man that understands that we all make mistakes and allows his children to make them and apologizes for his own. A man that understands the responsibility that comes with creating a child and a family. Not just the responsibility of food and clothing and shelter but being there to show his daughters and sons how to navigate their lives with integrity, authenticity and love. Whenever I witness a man who demonstrates this innate knowing, I take the time to let them know what a difference they are making in the world and I thank them. Thank you to all of my men friends that are doing just that … I’ve noticed.

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