Right place, right time

Each and every day I am given the opportunity to practice the power of living in the moment. I was excited to attend my first Mid-Day Women’s Alliance meeting in downtown Appleton and for the opportunity to meet women with similar passions to mine. I planned my day the night before and scheduled plenty of cushion time to arrive around 11:30 AM for networking. I pulled into the parking ramp and realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home. At first a sense of panic hit me. How was I going to pay for parking? How was I going to pay for registration? Then reality hit me. Where in the hell is my wallet? I replayed my morning and realized I had taken it out of my purse to give Emma lunch money and it must still be on the counter. I briefly pondered writing a check and then my “in the moment” thinking and faith kicked in. I was exactly where I was supposed to be. In order to move forward, I needed to go home and get my wallet. I arrived back at the meeting with plenty of time to schmooz, hug some of my friends who were there and find a seat for lunch. I love that I am ALWAYS at the right place at the right time.

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