Just a moment of your time …

Every once in a while we hit a point in our life when it’s important to be still.
It’s that uncomfortable place when you are unsure which way to turn. You are waiting for a decision that feels firm and right. You are waiting for answers. You are focused on the future.

What I find humorous is how hard I try to make things happen and how I actually end up staying in the same place. I have learned from hitting my head against the wall that the best course of action during this time is to ground myself in the moment. Be present to all that is around me and all of the details of my day. Not only does this bring me to a place of gratitude for everything in my life but it makes the uncomfortable feeling of “non-movement” go away. The irony of being present in the moment is that it actually creates a vacuum in the future so that movement can happen.

The next time you feel like you’re stuck or not moving, embrace your “stuckness” and reground yourself in the moment. And then watch in awe as things begin to change ….

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