All Natural at the DMV

I awoke this morning and realized … in all of my amazing, lazy birthday celebration, I neglected to renew my Driver’s License. It has been 8 years since I last had a photo op at the DMV and much has changed. I went through my regular routine of self-care (shower, moisturize and nurture the body I’ve been given) and headed off to the DMV. Without even a second thought, I approached the camera in my most natural state. Make-up free, untouched, unphotoshopped and blissfully glowing from the inside out. I am well aware that time reflects on my face and I’ve earned every wrinkle, the dark circles, the itchy eyelids from chronic dry eye that results from 51 years on this earth. More important though is that I see all of these attributes without judgment. Who says that the word “wrinkle” is evil, unwanted or unattractive? Our society. That’s who. Today take a moment to reframe one attribute that you possess in a new light. One that honors who you are and what you are about. And when that license comes up for renewing … consider capturing your REAL beauty.

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